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Critical Facilities Operation and Design Assessment (ODA)

Critical Facility ODA is a service that our engineers provide to assess a facility’s operational and design capabilities.  This evaluation compares existing facility operation and design characteristics to the criteria for tier, level, and class. The different criteria are based on industry guidelines, best practices, and standards such as Uptime, TIA, and BICSI.  If the operation/design behavior meets the criteria for the appropriate tier, class, or level it is shaded blue. If the operational/design behavior failed to meet the criteria, the column is highlighted in pink.  A completed assessment quickly reveals the status of your facility.  A brief example of this type of assessment is given below.

Why use multiple references?  It is necessary to use multiple reference criteria to ensure the critical facility not only meets applicable industry standards but peer review as well.  Comparison of best practices to other facilities provides feedback to be proactive.  Uptime provides extensive information when considering peer review.  This helps the facility compare its assessment to similarly tiered facilities around the world.


Our engineers will then provide a detailed report concerning behaviors (Operation & Design) parameters that failed to meet reference criteria.  Remediation and recommendations for addressing the deficiencies will be listed and discussed.