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First Defense provides 24X7 monitoring of critical infrastructure.

Whether it is leveraging current infrastructure, building a new onsite command center, or monitoring from one of our remote command centers, First Defense has the expertise and personnel available to ensure your facility is protected.  Our monitoring service gives you the peace of mind you need knowing our highly trained personnel are there to take care of your critical infrastructure.

First Defense can leverage your existing monitoring infrastructure or install and configure a completely new, state of the art infrastructure. We can obtain information from a wide variety of systems with various protocols and combine all the information back to one centralized location to give the big picture view of your critical infrastructure.

The professionals at First Defense are trained to handle all types of incidents.  When you sign up for our service, our team will work with your organization to develop and establish scripted procedures to ensure all incidents are handled appropriately.

First Defense staff begins the notification process the instant a problem is detected. They act as the centralized point of contact and immediately begin to coordinate with the incident response team.

  • From the moment an incident starts, our personnel keep accurate and highly detailed logs so you are aware of every detail about the incident.  At the conclusion of each incident, you will receive a highly detailed report about the incident including:
  • what happened
  • how it was addressed
  • lessons learned
  • recommendations for avoiding future occurrences.