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Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) is a category of solutions created to extend the traditional data center management function to include all physical assets and resources found in Facilities and IT domains.

First Defense Operations Management provides experienced, trained and highly skilled technicians for data centers and other critical infrastructure environments.  Allowing you to focus on your core business and growing your profits.

Technicians develop procedures for normal, emergency, configuration and maintenance operations; following strict change management processes to ensure continuity of operations.

Our service desk provides a seamless method for submitting, tracking and reporting on all service requests.

First Defense Operations Management tracks and reports on all operational costs as well as assisting with life cycle planning and capital budgeting for life cycle replacements.

Typical areas First Defense Operations Management improves efficiency and reduces operational costs:

  • Monitor PUE to identify areas for weatherization improvements
  • Access Controls | Security Systems
  • Install stepper valves on chillers
  • Install pre-chill system on chillers
  • Install injection pumps onto chilled water loop systems
  • Install LED lighting and lighting control system
  • Install vapor barriers
  • Adding filtration and building over-pressurization
  • Data center cold aisle containment systems
  • Computational fluid dynamic modeling